Maps of the corridor in progress, for review and comments.

Jan 2010:  Greg Ivor adds an excellent take on a new map for the Corridor. Here.

Here, and other places, I’ll suggest the corridor design should have a “wow” factor, that characteristic of fine design that we often see that catches our eye, that reveals artistry and quality in that thing it represents.

There are several kinds of maps suggested: (see the Page “signs of the corridor”

General layout map… simply on overlay on an existing street map

Subject maps showing callouts by business type (Restaurants, Business parks, public parks, entertainment, lodging..)

Subject maps showing what neighboring villages and such can  be reached from the corridor, such as rhinecliff, new paltz, saugerties, woodstock with links to a page or two selected about that area

Subject maps showing major calling points off the corridor: Bard, Schwangunks, Tivoli Dance, HITS… rather than just directing people to other towns by name… highlight some content

Concept maps: a simple linear map for identifying a business location relative to other businesses…

Personal (concept) maps where identified people  (aka, a guide) can list their personal recommenations.  The map contains their name, and the places on the corridor they especially like.  That constitutes and endorsement of sorts, and the guide might be contacted by friends about the recommendations…. verbal, email.

Guides would be invited guests and a page would be constructed at their direction.  Similarly, there could be lists of links associated with invited guests.  Thus a person or invited organization could have a list of links, and suggest to visitors: find the places I like on the corridor under my name…

There can be an identify associated with the Corridor as a destination for visitors and an identify for interests located on or near the Corridor.  The Corridor Identity could us used for business cards, announcements, stationary and posters which list activities and information about the Corridor more local to the visitor, eg :” You are here”…

Maps, banners, all design should keep the notion of an identity in mind.

Gerald Berke

comments and insights appreciated.  participation most welcome.,

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