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This page will highlight news that’s on the way… projects underway, items starting, completing, that may later be archived in the blog.

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2 thoughts on “News

  1. Hey, this is a great site. It forges connections that are very simpatico with efforts I’ve been exploring, to strengthen the green aspects of the Corridor through business expansion/ attraction, creative landscaping, adaptive reuse, and of course energy initiatives. The Kingston Climate Smart and Green Jobs Task Force is looking into possibilities via the Green Innovations Committee, which I chair. I would love it if this site had the ability to post documents – I’ll contact you Gerry to see how best to share a little discussion draft we have created. I also summarized the concept in a recent “This Week in Kingston” thanks to our proactive Main Street Manager.

    • I need to do some stuff on this site for sustainable hudson valley… something at least I should cross post?

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