Make the Kingston Corridor a complete street in 2010 ok, 2011! ok already!  2012! totally a new day for Kingston! OK, then how about a shuttle bus? 2013? 🙂 2014? 2015, 2016, 2017?
Consider just the changes on that corridor, the Suny Campus, the Rail Trail, UPAC park, Paving of Clinton Avenue into Uptown (and all the uptown business) and the Smorgasbord and the Waterfront and Build a better Broadway and the coming traffic circle and the lack of public transportation between an historical city and the outlying malls:  all of the traffic and no public transportation of any consequence.

Tannersville sets a good example

They won a $10 million grant. They will address walkability in their whole town and will build workforce housing. (What’s in a word: workforce housing has a nice ring to it and addressing the whole town? that’s excellent.)
The Kingston Corridor is quite all-encompassing for Kingston, connecting the unique linear aspect of the city and the 3 distinct business districts, the center of the Corridor being rather rife with through traffic making biking and walking perforce a little tricky. And the Kingston Corridor is 3 miles long, a rather daunting layout for walking hence, the shuttle bus.

KC, writing as The KC as a neighborhood, found the letter to the Freeman (and the included link!! first time KC ever saw that done!) by Hannah Giles and KC found her letter enticing and the link drew KC to the Rise Up Kingston Page and you can go there too:
This is well done and Rise Up Kingston and Hannah Giles has caught KC’s attention.

New on the Corridor!

Great place on the Kingston Corridor! KC does not see it zoned for affordable housing but a new Form Based Code courtesy ala Dover Kohl might change that. Then again $2.75 million might make that a non-starter? It would be loverly to see the inside of that building. Dollars to donuts it is great and up to date in all aspects.


I will do as directed and “type to choose a block”
I don’t know what this is. Is this “MY” digital legacy? It shows the Kingston Corridor above. Looks like I have full text formatting and flow and I think I can put images in there
So I can take images from at least the Kingston Corridor.

Kingston Corridor Shuttle

That there be a shuttle service defined to operate on the Kingston Corridor, Kingston’s “Main Street”…

1) The route: the Kingston Corridor Shuttle runs from Washington Avenue to the Rondout following the Kingston Corridor as defined in  It is a 3 mile route connecting uptown, midtown, the rondout
2) Service levels: twobusses run the path giving the interbus waiting time to be about 15 minutes or less. (In special cases, these numbers could be decreased or increased, depending on the service level required with proper public notice of any delays in schedule from the 15 minute intervale.
3) Schedules: for special events, weekends, and regular services…
a) the shuttle runs on special event days, which can include the farmers market, various uptown, midtown, rondout holidays and celebrations.
b) the shuttle always runs the full route, with it’s hours of operation noted
c) the shuttle service can be paid for as a package from Kingston Transportation, and can be purchased in 4 hour packages of operations.  The event and the sponsor will be noted clearly on each bus
d) no regular scheduled service is provided absent the some determination of additional benefit vis a vis costs and ridership is determined.
3) Fees: the fee can be posted and may be
a) free, paid for by the sponsor
b) fixed fee for all day on and off use (to be determined)
c) based on the full fare, there is a reduced fee of $1 for any special groups, eg students, seniors, indigent…
4) consistent route: it is important the the shuttle follow a consistent route and that special route changes for events minimal if any: when the shuttle runs it operates for all the citizens in a reliable, predictable manner as well as serving the event…
kingston corridor shuttle bus