About the Corridor

The Kingston Corridor runs from the NY State Thruway entrance at the Washington Avenue Circle, through the historic uptown district, the neighborhoods, shops and light manufacture and fabrication, the high school, hospitals, library of the Mid Town area  and down to the Rondout district ending at the waterfront of the Rondout Creek which enters into the Hudson River.

This blog is about strengthening  the ties along the Corridor, seeking it’s improvement, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, seeing that it is user friendly and highlighting the places and activities along it’s 3 mile length.

It is about the city of Kingston connected and unified while remaining indefatigably unique in all it’s diverse parts, wards, neighborhoods, peoples.

The kingston corridor wordpress site is a collection of  information and operation of a physical overlay of transit through the city of kingston.

Contact gberke@gmail.com for information, suggestions, etc…. thanks

The title Kingston Corridor has been adopted for the Main Street Manager Project.

Volunteers are the key to success in  any Main Street Program.  Please contact Nancy Donskoj  to joing any of the committees:

Design, Economic Restructuring, Promotion and Organization.

Kingstonmsm@gmail.com  845-514-3998

The titles of the various pages will take the reader of the blog to entries relevant to that page, such as maps, pictures…

Contact gberke at domain gmail dot com

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