Signs n logos

Signs, banners  and identity images and symbols of the Kingston Corridor… in development. review and comments pls

Here, and other places, I’ll suggest the corridor design should have a “wow” factor, that characteristic of fine design that we often see that catches our eye, that reveals artistry and quality in that thing it represents.

left to right:

  • don erviin image 1
  • don ervin image 2
  • gberke image 3
  • gberke/gretchen image 4

2 thoughts on “Signs n logos

  1. I like them all but #13 gets my vote for design & readability, and my two cents worth:color code the big dot for each of the three areas, red for uptown, white for midtown & blue for downtown

    • I renumber them… they were badly layed out: number 1 is the one I think you didn’t like, yes? That was designed for a poster. I should say, the designer, Don Ervin, is a national figure in corporate identity design… he was retired and local and very generous and I wanted to get some of his credentials onto a local site.
      The basic notion of the Corridor identity as a map, of how the words run the corridor, the font, the simplicity and uniqueness and application for poster, banner, business card, stationery… and then to use for callouts, which could be the placing of a colored ciricle at the “you are here” and a list of some shops just around the corner, that sort of thing.
      Nancy I think is well underway on some design, I really don’t know what it is.
      I rather like number 4, but it is less clearly a map. I am inclined to take that dot of color and use it on #2. And all in all, I’d probably still retain the straight line diagram for the purpose it shows… listing the places, showing its a actually a “line” but it would need to have the icon of a logo on it…

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