Academy Green on the Kingston Corridor

A brilliant article by the Main Street Manager on the Green… writing of the kind you really need a “keeper” : it just doesn’t get any better:  HERE  Thanks to Lynn Woods for her writing skills… which also graces the various “Times” publications  (Woodstock, Kinston, Saugerties et al)

Happens I had bought all three today… great journalists






A lovely coalition of…

Cornell Cooperative and Main Street Manager and Hodge and Uptown Business Association and Neighborhood watch fielded a small, outstanding team for the first small salvo/cleanup on Broadway.. “the beachhead”, to be maintained, and grow from there… This is a placeholder to mark a beginning: what matters is the next and the next and the next…  Got most of a block on the Kingston Corridor, Broadway, swept and picked up.  Looks very nice! Pictures next time.