You can get there from here: Diamond Mills…

The centrality of Kingston and the Corridor: connecting the city and the communities

A friendly note of thanks and appreciation:

I have enjoyed several visits to the restaurant… nicely distinquished from the chains, and from the uber exclusive high end restaurants by having a warm and attentive staff,  some very very well crafted entrees and an exceedingly pleasant design of space. The prices reflect the special touches and are higher but there is value and the distinction helps I think from accidentally poaching on the existing fine restaurants in Saugerties… and your menu is, again, very well done and rather unique, the value is there and Diamind Mill is a fine addition to Saugerties, adding much, taking little. Congratulations: that was a really, really big undertaking! and I think you pulled that off surprisingly well. Congratulations and thank you.


2 thoughts on “You can get there from here: Diamond Mills…

  1. Saugerties continues to be a source of delightful surprises, and Diamond Mills is one of the nicest ones. I’ve found nothing there to complain about, having sampled their brunches, dinners, drinks and snacks. What a treasure for our area. I’m looking forward to April when they’ll open for lunch, and to the warm weather for sitting on the deck watching the falls.

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