Cross Streets on the Corridor: Oneil, Cornell/Thomas, Greenkill…


(some of Gberke’s Favorites)… Ever playing with ways to display the Corridor. here’a view of some delightful branches off the Midtown on the Corridor, growing communities that extent the commerce of the Corridor: ONeil, Cornell/Thomas and Greenkill.

On ONeil there is Artist in Residence, music, art, intellect, and kitty corner Boices… dairy stuff and all that, but for me: ice cream. You pass UPAC on the way to Cornell and there is a new Burger place of some class opening across the street… gotta be great.  Up Cornell is the Shirt Factory, some 50 tenants, artists, professionals, services ( a shout out to JJ’s Rockin Cupcakes make Jon Hlywiak (that’s klee-vee-ack), and on Thomas across from excellent PARKING is Guido’s and Center for Continuing Education which has an entrance, too, on Greenkill… and the overposs over the Corridor leads one to a great community resource, the Boys and Girls Club,  another “factory” with more professionals, this one hosting Stella May theatre and production and now, too, the South Pine Street City Farm, growing excellent veggies and more right in Kingston for Queens Galley and actually starting up a produce stand right at the Farm!

So, ONeil, Cornell and Greenkill… linear extensions crossing the Corridor… will surely add to the blossoming, the foot and bike traffic, on the Corridor.


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