Liberty Street, off the Corridor

If you went up Liberty Street today, right off the Corridor, say, heading towards the Library on Prospect, you might notice all the little lawns, some very little,  the grasses between the curb and the walk, all of it freshly cut… couldn’t have been everybody at once with a phalanx of mowers all getting out the cutting little lawns… nope, comes from one man, Bruce Haight, doing maintenance for a couple of places, filling in some of the small stuff, got it all done… didn’t cause a big bump in the property values or signal a call from the tax man, Better Homes and Garden’s isn’t going to feature it… but it was pleasant, noticeably so, you can see that it was tended…. and that was nice to see.  Thanks.

Have to notice, too: one house, clearly under some construction, is nonetheless tended to.  34 Franklin Street should be so lucky…


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