Pike plan progress….

Pictures up at Picasaweb…

Open to the Public: Engineering offices of Lochner Engineering, One North Front Street,  which is overseeing contract fulfillment and has building and architectural plan….

The following letter has been sent to the Kingston Times:

What I know about the Pike Plan:

All the roofs that can be pitched, will be pitched, covered in green standing seam metal roofing.  The interiors, cathedral style, will be white.  Whatever brick is exposed from the old canopy will be remedied, assuming it is of merit, or will be covered neatly and painted white.  All posts will be attached to elevated concrete stands for durability, planters replaced and planted with suitable smaller flowering trees and seasonal plants.  Skylights will be added to the canopy.
The asbestos found is considered non friable, ie, does not break up and release fibers, and causes no risk, but nonetheless special handling is required by the state during the removal but then can be disposed of with no special requirements.
I found this out by walking into uptown, chatting with a couple of the workers, getting directions to and talking with an engineer from Lochner Engineering (their offices are open to the public) who is contracted to see the contract is completed to specifications and all government procedures to insure successful completion and funding.  There are fully drawn plans that show all the detail of construction and the professional opinion of the engineering firm is that funding is sufficient for all the work, plus the asbestos plus a buffer beyond that.  They are sensitive, very, to the needs and concerns of the businesses during construction.
Whether one personally likes the canopies or not, they are being done well, responsibly, and of course are an improvement over what was there, deteriorating, over long years.

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