The Kingston Corridor goes live… Main Street Manager press release

The Kingston Corridor goes live Monday morning with the placement of banners highlighting its course through the city.  Running from Washington Avenue at the traffic circle to the waterfront, the course runs east bound to North Front, Fair, Pearl, Albany Avenue and Broadway.  Returning from the waterfront it traces the same path back via Broadway to Albany Avenue, Pearl, west to North Front Street via Wall Street, and North Front to Washington Avenue. Some 80 banners of different colors representing theater, shopping, history, dining, galleries, music and waterfront will eventually be installed along the entire Kingston Corridor.

The corridor provides an easily recognizable path for all Kingstonstonians and visitors to the city, thus comprising a “Main Street” for Kingston that traverses the business districts of Uptown, Midtown and Rondout.  City Hall, Kirkland, UPAC, the YMCA, Kingston Hospital, the Uptown Stockade district, Frog Alley, Dietz Stadium, Trailways depot, the Senate House Museum, the Fred J. Johnston Museum, the Hudson River Maritime Museum, Visitor’s Center, all are on the Corridor or immediately accessible from it.  Clearly marked, and recognizable at any intersection, the signs will allow  visitors to  find Kingston as easy city to navigate, finding restaurants, art galleries, theatre, historic sites, music venues, and repair shops along the way.

The Corridor takes citizens and visitors through the three miles of parks, walks and businesses that are the public and commercial heart of the city. The banners will now mark the path so motorists, pedestrians and bicyclist are quickly oriented to Kingston at any point on the Corridor or points that intersect.  Directions to neighboring attractions, such as Kingston Plaza, Kingston Point Park and Beach, and a gateway to Rosendale, Woodstock, Saugerties, Rhinebeck, the corridor is intended to highlight the central nature of Kingston, a destination point for visitors and a point of departure for Ulster County attractions.

Future plans for the Corridor will feature fliers and brochures that identify the names and internet addresses of the locations along the corridor. By marketing the corridor we hope to gain new businesses, encourage city residents to see that the Corridor is clean, well marked, safe and well lit. Information for new businesses, design standards, use of Kingston Corridor logos, and improvement of all signage will be following this first year of the Main Street Manager program continuing into 2011.  Special attention will be paid to assisting visitors at any and all points of the corridor, with knowledgeable business owners displaying “Welcome to the Kingston Corridor: Ask me about Kingston” signs in their windows.

The Main Street Manager program was established by the Business Alliance of Kingston with support from the City of Kingston. Go to for more information on all things Kingston, NY.

Nancy Donskoj

Main Street Manager

3 Field Court

Kingston, N.Y. 12401

845-338-8473 w

845-514-3998 c

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