Here comes Midtown….

The 10 Teams of  citizens and architects that met for the day at Seven21 Media Center for a design charrette pulled together by Pat Courtenay BAK: Business Alliance in Kingston had much in common in their design for redevelopment of the Kings Inn Property: Midtown has wonderful potential and it’s ready to pop.  An important link on the Kingston Corridor, the Kings Inn property would add to  and support the existing draws of Keegan and Seven21 Media Center, Second Chance for Me, UPAC and The Cornell Street neighborhood already bringing the streetscape together.  At once serving community with public green space and gathering place for meetings, further development of the rear portion of the area allows for a 4-5 store building for live/work space for artists and some hotel space that would serve both the Kingston Hospital and UPAC related vistors, some 1500 of whom come each month from outside of Dutchess and Ulster Country and who would love to have a place to stay over after a performance or a place near a patient. The public and private space, in addition to bringing the Kings Inn property back into the revenue stream can have a great effect on the revenue of all the businesses on the Corridor, especially Midtown.  Add a shuttle service  to ride the Corridor and the picture is complete with a ride and easy short walk to Uptown, Parks, and the Rondout, giving a much needed “llift” to the Rondout visitor who wants to visit the rest of the Corridor up the great hill.

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The Kingston Corridor, part of the work of the Main Street Manager and the Midtown Design Standards, are part of the planning the Kingston needs coordinate this and expected future development

The charrette itself was a model of strong attendance, participation and organization.  The meetings ran carefully on schedule,  all the information and instruction was there to run smoothly,and the meeting, leveraging the technology of the Media Center, ended on schedule.  While it was great to be there, all the results of the teams will be captured and published and there will likely be provision for the team members to add some written material in support of the drawings and charts used for the presentation.

An outstanding professional job and it seems the spotlight will turn to Midtown, for it’s architecture, improvements already in process, great potential and essential link between Uptown and Rondout.  Successful definition and phased work on the Kings Inn propery will spur the Kingston economy, whose business and housing stock is already nationally recognized as superb.  Many individual organizations are working cooperatively towards gardening, streetscapes, and decisively addressing crime and neglect with some visible results.

2010 will be the best year for Kingston.  Ever.


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