Technically speaking on the Corridor… net neutrality

The FCC is supporting Network Neutrality, and the regulation of Broadband in general: absent that regulation you have absolutely NO recourse to the speed, availability, reliability of what you pay for with Time Warner, Verizon, or ANY network service at all, except to cancel: you give them your money, they tell you what you will get but there is NO guarantees, there are NO refunds, there is that has to work as they said.  And, as before, you can quit.

As the Hot Spots on the Kingston corridor grow to become the Kingston Corridor (wi-fi) Cloud, the availability of a wi -fi signal what will actually stream youtube et al (instead of it being totally unwatchable when the badwidth drops… and the stream jerks and stops with fits) will be essential~!

Indeed, the internet and some very very savvy citizens (Mike D’Arcy, Rebecca Martin, Nancy Donskoj, Art Zackowitz, Mark Marshall, et al) have leveraged the internet to propel Kingston to the “Best Year for Kingston. Ever.”

Watch the KingstonDigitalCorridor, and here, and other places, for the list of very not Hot Spots in Kingston and the Kingston Corridor!


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