(Speaking Technically) What hath Jobs wrought…. and oh boy, do we need Net Neutrality

The legitimacy of the internet table appliance… Apple has mad one that works without compromise, insanely great… yeah, there will be some competitors that make some Swiss Army Knife versions that will have a phillips screwdriver and and a hand warmer and a laser pointer, but how many of us ever want to carry one of those or use more that the basic knife?)

So, we have the Sony Dash, which is coming, and will be wonderful, but way lacking: they will learn.  Right now, they need to slow the Apple juggernaught before a lot of the prime market is saturated.

And then, even nicer, the is the Chumbly!  the Dash predecessor… and that’s even cheaper AND you can actually make your computer simulate a Chumbly!  free.

What you see, however, is that all these device thrive on the meme called wi-fi!  And that requires net neutrality.  Absolutley.  You stop or slow that and you will stop progress, the good kind, dead in its track.  You’ll stick a nail in this next “bubble”… and it will be a bit of a bubble… it will grow hugely, but… if we are carelful, we could let just a little air out, settle down gently, and ” Sail on, Silver Girl!”

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