2 thoughts on “You can get there from here… Rosendale Theatre:-)

  1. Does everthing have to go the way of the dinosaur? I was at the Rosendale the other night with my wife watching the Yellow Handerchief. Sure it’s run down, but I’ll take it over a Mall Cinema any day. It’s small, intimate,and the demographic matches my own. Yes it could use a facelift (I’m always looking up at the ceiling and wondering “any day now”…)and overall interior makeover. Money. Ideas. As a plein air painter I have taken part in a number of fundraising events to raise money for art organizations. We have legions of like minded artists in Ulster County. Why not have plein air paintout event for the theatre? You can add that to the list of ideas.

    • Is it your take the Coop is not doing the right thing? I just hope to see the Rosendale survive, to stay. As far as becoming successful, to my mind it has been very successful all these years… it doesn’t have to become successful, it just has to survive.
      Is there a concern about the Pepsi dollars? It is attractive, and there is a bit of “riding the tiger”…
      I like the idea of community involvement. There was a great meeting and beahive on monday, about Pittsfield and Beacon and Kingston… I posted some notes to Kingstoncorridor.com… I’ll send you a copy.
      Thanks 🙂
      Will your ideas get sent to the Rosendale coop?

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