5 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s… in Kingston?

  1. I’ve heard this being thrown around from time to time. Having Trader Joe’s in Kingston would be amazing….

    • I thought the little ditty was cool… and trader joe’s surely is… we went (albeit late) for the google fiber… I see Rosendale going great guns, KIngston surely on a big rise… This would be a fine place for Trader Joe’s… We are so totally central… Kingston Plaza?

  2. a thought: people make trips to trader joes… maybe share a ride, take along a shopping list for a friend… something along the line of the “riders wanted” but it goes “going to trader joes this week… riders or shopping lists being taken”

  3. and it might be the ruin of Adams. I signed a petition to get a TJ here, a couple of years ago…I guess nothing came of it.

    • Hey, that might be a good idea: just call Adams our local Trader Joe’s? What would Adam’s have to do to take up a little more of that Trader Joe’s feel? And then, Adam’s has so much more fresh foods and produce and the garden and classes and such…

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