Significant county work on the Corridor… very important

The 587 interestion is being studied, and included in the consideration is complete street, pedestrian and bicycle traffic… the plans of the study are available at Planning starting April 2010 thru 2011. There is a large part of KIngston real estate involved!

tipping point for Kingston … going up.

kingston digital corridor at keegan

Keegan meets Main Street Manager/Kingstoncorridor meets Kingstondigital corridor!

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Some great video from the freeman, Mark and KC do us all proud!

And here’s a link to the “Google HIgh Speed Fiber”  video they just made: here


Make the Kingston Corridor a complete street in 2010 ok, 2011! ok already!  2012! totally a new day for Kingston! OK, then how about a shuttle bus? 2013? 🙂 2014? 2015, 2016, 2017?
Consider just the changes on that corridor, the Suny Campus, the Rail Trail, UPAC park, Paving of Clinton Avenue into Uptown (and all the uptown business) and the Smorgasbord and the Waterfront and Build a better Broadway and the coming traffic circle and the lack of public transportation between an historical city and the outlying malls:  all of the traffic and no public transportation of any consequence.