Get in the habit…

KIngston can be accessed digitally, more than ever, and more every day…

But for sure check out these gateway site into all of Kingston.  LIke the corridor itself, start here, and when you visit,  leave a short comment.  thanks

These sites contain links to many other important Kingston sites.  Just these three, or any one of them will pretty much get you there.  (They link to each other, too)

Kicking ass and taking names… life in Kingston is a place to inform and be informed about the quality of life on the streets in Kingston, especially the Corridor.

This cuts both ways, however: the initial reporting may make things look bleak but there has been a lot of progress in improving the neighborhoods, neighborhood pride,  civic actions.  Very good citizens, very serious about their city, and making a lot of progress!  Thanks for the good work, and more power to you all!

Welcome! Media education on the Corridor…

A new entry at Seven 21, the Media lab is offering a comprehensive set of classes: Digital Macintosh Classes, Arts & Crafts Classes and Saturday Children’s Classes (well, not little kids, but tech savvy teens for photography, web spaces, etc)

You gotta see this:  the Media lab The site tells you all about it and lists the classes, schedules and fees.  Classes currently from January to May this year.

Ah, also at Seven 21, for good measure, theMacWorks: consulting, training, management and technical services for institutions, businesses and professionals.