Put your money where your life is….

Shopping local is very serious business!  We think about how our shops and services need us, but forget how very very much we need them.  Read here, the 3/50 Project.

Think of the places that you would miss if they weren’t there.  Think of the places that delight you for the clever things they have, they offer.  For the shopkeeper who welcomes you each time you visit.  For the bright light and brilliant storefront window that brightens your street.

Do consider the Corridor.  It’s where you live.


2 thoughts on “Put your money where your life is….

  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing. The stat on dollars funneled locally via a local biz vs. a national chain is eye opening. As Kingston builds two new chains — a CVS uptown and a Walgreen’s at East Chester street — makes me all the more intent on spending my money “locally” instead.

    • thanks back atcha. I’m thinking more about cross linking to websites like kingstondigitalcorridor and kingstonnavigator and the mainstreet manager blogs… more than just listing the link, but putting in an entry that links to the particular entry. Rebecca does that and it is marvelously effective. I have gotten to several great posts via her notes or via postings in her blog. There’s no notion of redundancy or poaching… it is driving traffic to the referenced site and it also brings return traffic to the referencing site: the reader finds a blog that is a good place to start and trusts that s/he will be pointed directly at important posts on other sites. Indeed, as blogs are more and more the source or original and digested news, blogs publishing links to entries on other blogs makes sense.
      thanks again.

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