Courtesy on the Corridor…

Give yourself a break!  You know how nice it is when another car lets you in, a car slows and stops while you try to cross, somebody notices you on your bike, or with your kid and slows, another person gives you  quick smile and a nod…

Do that for yourself.  Do it for each other.  And certainly, do it for our guests, our visitors… you might not know them, but they will certainly remember.

That’s the kind of treatment you get when you visit some expensive high class place… and we can give it to ourselves.  And be pretty high classed at the same time and at a price we can afford 🙂

When you’re on the Kingston Corridor, please be especially nice.

And maybe you’ll see me there.  I’ll flash my lights at you to turn, I’ll let you cross, and I’ll give you a nod and a smile.  I’ll look for you.


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