And now for something completely different…

Un-joys.  Front and Wall, alas alas.

A wonderful intersection of the Corridor has been returned to being a traffic and pedestrian hazard.  No, you probably won’t get run over or bumped but that’s because you’re cautious and you are willing to scurry and be intimidated by traffic (as a pedestrian) and you might think that traffic flows better with a stoplight: conventional widsom is, once again, wrong.  It does not.

There was a three was stop at the intersection of Front and Wall and it was, in a word, delightful!  In my years of walking and driving there, it was finally pleasant and safe to cross, and without conflict.  It was luck: the stoplight broke and they were slow getting it “fixed” and the making it just a flashing red light in the interim was nasty and adding stop signs was confusing until finally, no lights, only stop signs.

The uptown merchants were strongly in favor of the stop signs, and of course they would be: they could see with their own eyes and their customers.

Why oh why doesn’t Kingston government listen to the business people that place the lives and fortunes in friendly commerce in this city?

Could I please get an”amen!”


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