Joys of living in Kingston….

If you are a senior citizen you can use the point to point Paratransit System, $1.50 each way, door to door.  And of course, if you are any age and unable to use public transportation because of infirmity, same thing..

You do have to fill out a form, and send it in.  Contact Kingston Citibus, 17 Hoffman Street, Kingston 12401.  Call 845-331-3725 to get it done (TDD: 845-331-5350

And this works for your visitors!  They do have to submit an application, but that can be done for your visitor in advance or right at Hoffman Street that day

Amazing service!


One thought on “Joys of living in Kingston….

  1. I had a few minutes to check this out – and it does seem as if our interests and concerns are in the same part of town. I’ll check this out in more detail later. Thank you for the heads up!

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