Fresh news on the Kirkland :-)

The Freeman published a front page update on the Kirkland: that lovely building certainly needed some public attention.  Despite the articles claims of Almost No Vacancy, fully two floors are vacant: the entire first floor with the exception of the Yoga Studio, and the lovely Rathskeller at half street level.  And of course that brilliant wrap around porch.

The top two floors are rented as apartments, very nice, about 14 in all I think, and the floor up from the main floor holds two large office spaces, one of which is Rupco.

And the place is gorgeous! Totally! And open to the public M-F 8 to 5.  But it really lacks people, and it totally lacks a street level presence.  With the Main Street Manager project and focus of life on the Kingston Corridor (see Kingston Happenings)  there should be some help in changing that.

And it’s going to change as Rupco agressively positions those spaces for public rental, meeting rooms, events and the like. The pricing should be available from Rupco.  Positioned on the Corridor and around Academy Green with Seven 21 Media Center and Keegan Ales, Kirland forms an important third point to greatly enhance that part of Kingston.


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