blank walls on the cityscape

One of the vital signs of a city is the flow of people… they need an uninterruptedly interesting path to travel, no dead ends. When they come upon a difficult crossing, a blank wall on the walk, a walkway in very poor repair, muddy, they stop, they don’t cross. I know where they are on the corridor, I’ve seen them in other cities, Chicago in particular, where the neigborhood ambled down the street ’till it came to a blank wall and it grew no further.
Each such space represent carries a taste of no-mans land, of abandonment, of danger, where no one lingers, no one seems to care: I don’t like walking there and I don’t expect anyone else to.
They need plantings and windows and interesting things in the windows, they don’t have to be for sale. They can be small shops, indeed, woodworking, carving, assembly, crafts, and the best places of all: the hardware store! (yum)

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